Hyper Shock

Hyper Shock is the latest laser tag upgrade taking the world by storm. Using the navigation below you can find where to play, where to buy for your own site, or what makes Hyper Shock so electrifying!

What is Hyper Shock?

Taking laser tag to the next level, Hyper Shock is perfect for those who run a laser tag site or are looking to play laser tag with a pain penalty. 

Hyper Shock is the alternative to paintball, you still feel the sting of a shot but you are not left with the bruises, and better still, you are not spending all your money on bullets.

Where to play Hyper Shock?

If you are itching to get out and give Hyper Shock a shot, we have created a map for you to find the closest Hyper Shock venues. The majority of the sites we supply Hyper Shock to are based in the UK but offer worldwide shipping; so we hope Hyper Shock will be available everywhere soon.

How to buy Hyper Shock?

Do you have your own laser tag venue and want to upgrade to Hyper Shock? Or looking at starting a new  laser tag business? We will supply all the equipment you need! We are the only company in the world that supply Hyper Shock, and it is only compatible with our cyclone guns.