What is Hyper Shock?

A real 'game changer'

Hyper Tag is the laser tag accessory taking the world by storm. If you like Laser Tag, then you must try Hyper Shock. Countless hours of laughs and giggles bringing memories that will last a lifetime. What can possibly be better than an electric shock for being shot, it really excels laser tag to a level you would not have experienced before. As exhilarating as paintball without the bruises. Whether you are looking to play or start your own Hyper Shock business you have come to right place.

How does it work?

It is really quite simple, the shock pads are connected to the head sensor and the pads are placed on the back of the player. Once the player is hit, the head sensor sends a shock to the pads. 

Is it safe?

Hyper Shock is 100% safe for players above 16 years of age, the ‘zap’ is enough to know you have been hit, but not enough to cause any harm.